Veraseal® 2

Your total cost solution

The Veraseal® 2 disposable full face mask brings AIR°gel® Technology to the acute care environment for a giant step forward in patient comfort. Three color coded elbow designs make choosing the right mask for CPAP, single, or dual limb circuit NIV systems simple. The Veraseal® 2 fits quickly and easily while enhancing patient comfort. Both vented (with leak ports) and non-vented (without leak ports) versions are available for CPAP, Bilevel, and ventilator therapy.

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AIR°gel® See video
Nothing else comes this close. Our AIR°gel® cushion comes closest to your skin to provide the utmost in gentle cushioning to protect your delicate skin from pressure points and irritation. Rest comfortably knowing you didn’t compromise.

Advanced Cushion Technology
Our new ergonomic AIR°gel® cushion design promotes advanced skin protection, superior performance, and unbeatable comfort, all in a lightweight mask.

Lightweight Frame
Substance without the weight. Enjoy the lightest disposable full face mask available.

Breathable Headgear
Enjoy soft, lightweight stability you can count on all night long for a comfortable fit- no matter which Sleepnet® AIR°gel® mask you choose.

Active Headgear Connector See video
It moves as the patient moves for a reliable seal.

Vented, Non-Vented, and Non-Vented AAV Masks Available

We understand the need for comfortable and reliable masks for use with ventilators and hospital Bi-PAP/CPAP. Our AIR°gel® masks are available in three formats to accommodate the widest range of patients.

For long term home use, please consider our Ascend Full Face Mask.

Manufactured in the USA