At Sleepnet, we design and build quality respiratory products that help people lead healthier lives. Using our unique AIR°gel® and Custom Fit technologies, we are able to offer innovative, dependable masks that are all manufactured in the US with globally sourced materials. Sleepnet proudly holds a portfolio of 8 different patents, safeguarding the unique features of our products.

Custom Fit Technology

Sleepnet’s Custom Fit Technology is our proprietary technology made from a flexible, pliable material that responds to gentle manipulation and accommodates changes in weight and facial asymmetry. Custom Fit Technology allows the user to easily shape the mask by gently bending and molding it along the sides, top, or bottom to provide a consistent and secure fit.

Unique AIR°gel® Technology

Sleepnet’s AIR°gel® is a leading edge innovation developed and designed to enhance the comfort and effectiveness of our respiratory masks. This advanced cushion technology features medical grade silicone gel that conforms to the contours of each individual face creating a secure and comfortable seal that ensures a snug fit while minimizing air leakage around the edges. Our AIR°gel® technology is soft and flexible and helps to reduce irritation, making it suitable for extended wear.