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Sleepnet trademarks
AIRGEL, ASCEND, AURA, INNOVA, IQ, MINIME, MOJO, PHANTOM, SLEEPNET, VERSEAL, ENVO logo, AIRGEL, ENVO plus design, ENVO MASK BE SAFE STAY HEALTHY plus design, ENVO MASK, AIRGEL (stylized), and SLEEPNET ELARA are trademarks of the Sleepnet Corporation and are registered in the United States and many other countries throughout the world. None of the Trademarks may be used without the prior written consent of Sleepnet.

This list non-exhaustive. For more information on Sleepnet Trademarks email .

Sleepnet patents
This section of the webpage is intended to provide virtual patent marking, at least under 35 U.S.C. 287(a) of U.S. patent law. The following are current patents for Sleepnet products:

US Patent 11,577,039

US Patent 11,529,485

US Patent 10,974,007

US Patent D892,304

US Patent 7,938,117

US Patent 10,974,007

US Patent D820,435

US Patent D811,582

US Patent D807,509

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