Respiratory Nasal Masks

Designed for both adults and pediatric patients, our product line reaches acute and long-term care facilities. Our AIR°gelgel® technology does not rely on the delivered air pressure to create a seal as many silicone masks do. Sleepnets AIR°gel® allows the clinician to fit the mask without overtightening the headgear straps.

iQ® Blue Nasal Mask

  • AIR°gel®
  • Custom Fit Technology
  • Advanced Cushion Technology
  • Translucent Blue Elbow for Easy Identification
  • Clearer Field of Vision
  • No Forehead Pad
  • Vented and Non-Vented Available
  • Quick-release Headgear Feature
  • One-Size Design
  • Breathable Headgear

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MiniMe® Nasal Pediatric Mask

  • AIR°gel®
  • Custom Fit Technology
  • Flex, Fit, Forget
  • Quick Release Headgear
  • Cap Style Headgear
  • FDA Cleared for Ages 2-12

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