iQ® Blue Nasal Mask

A smart choice for a custom mask

Sleepnet’s iQ® Blue Nasal mask features a patented AIR°gel® cushion and a flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology providing an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Unlike masks with rigid shells, iQ® Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face. Leak ports (vents) have been built into this mask, so a separate exhalation port is not needed.

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AIR°gel® See video
Sleepnet’s patented AIR°gel® technology provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin irritation and pressure points on the nasal bridge. Unlike many other gel masks, the unique qualities of AIR°gel® allow the mask to seal with minimal tension.

Custom Fit Technology See video
Sleepnet has the only mask that you can shape to each individual face. Flex, Fit and Forget!

Clear Field of Vision
Each nasal AIR°gel® Mask offers the Clear Field of Vision using a forehead strap to secure the mask in place. Patients may watch television, read, or wear glasses while wearing their IQ® Blue Nasal Mask.

Quick-Release Headgear 
Lightweight, breathable headgear slides off easily with one hand.

Vented and Non-Vented Available
IQ Blue is available in both formats to accommodate home and hospital patients.

One-Size Design
The iQ® Blue mask comes in a convenient one-size design using Custom Fit Technology.

Manufactured in the USA