V3 Full Face Mask

Comfort without compromise

The V3 combines AIR°gel® technology with a performance fora revolutionary home care experience. The V3 fits quickly and easily while enhancing patient comfort. The Airgel forehead cushion prevents over tightening on the nasal bridge.

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AIR°gel® See video
Sleepnet’s patented AIR°gel® technology provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin irritation and pressure points on the nasal bridge. Unlike many other gel masks, the unique qualities of AIR°gel® allow the mask to seal with minimal tension.

Forehead Cushion and Adjustment Knob
Removes pressure from the bridge of the nose for personalized fit.

Quick Release Headgear
Lightweight, breathable headgear slides off easily with one hand.

360° Rotating Swivel
For optimal tube positioning and easier mobility.

Oxygen Port
Allows easy delivery of supplemental oxygen.

V3 Full Face Vented Mask IFU

Manufactured in the USA