iQ® Blue Nasal Mask

A smart choice for a custom mask

Introducing the next generation in AIR°gel®. Our iQ® Blue Nasal Non-Vented (without leak ports) mask features our patented AIR°gel® with Advanced Cushion Technology and flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology. Together, they provide an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Unlike masks with rigid shells, iQ® Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face. Our non-vented mask (without leak ports) is designed to be used with positive pressure devices that have an exhalation port.

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AIR°gel® See video
No other gel comes as close to the face. Our AIR°gel® cushion comes closest to your skin to provide the utmost in gentle cushioning to protect the child’s delicate skin from pressure points and irritations. Rest comfortably knowing you didn’t compromise.

Custom Fit Technology See video
Tired of forcing your face to fit your mask? Sleepnet’s Custom Fit Technology means the shell of your mask can be gently molded to match your needs. Flex, fit, forget.

Advanced Cushion Technology
Our new ergonomic AIR°gel® cushion design promotes advanced skin protection, superior performance, and unbeatable comfort, all in a lightweight mask.

Translucent Blue Elbow for Easy Identification
Non-vented iQ® Masks can be easily visually identified by their translucent blue elbow as a safety precaution to differentiate them from their vented counterparts.

Clearer Field of Vision
See your success with a Sleepnet® mask. Each nasal AIR°gel® Mask offers the clearest field of vision possible for easy adjustment to therapy. Our forehead strap gently secures the mask in place, allowing the user to easily watch television, read, or wear glasses while wearing their comfortable AIR°gel® mask.

No Forehead Pad
Experience a more minimalist design without compromising stability. With fewer adjustments to make, you’ll be quickly on your way to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Vented and Non-Vented Available
We understand the need for comfortable and reliable masks in the home as well as in an acute care setting. Our AIR°gel® masks are available in both formats to accommodate the widest range of patients.

Quick-release Headgear Feature
Enjoy simplicity and convenience. The iQ® Blue mask comes with quick release headgear that slides off the mask with a gentle, upward motion that can be easily performed in the dark with one hand.

One-Size Design
The iQ® Blue mask comes in a convenient one-size design. High quality materials and construction eliminate the need for replacement parts and multiple SKUs.

Breathable Headgear
Enjoy soft, lightweight stability you can count on all night long for a comfortable fit- no matter which AIR°gel® mask you choose.

iQ® Blue Non-Vented with StableFit headgear IFU

Manufactured in the USA