Most insurance companies will cover some or all of your Positive Airway Pressure equipment, although reimbursement amounts and replacement schedules may vary. Always check with your individual insurance provider prior to making a purchase for the most up-to-date information.

All Sleepnet masks qualify for insurance reimbursement. Please refer to the following list for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding (HCPC) billing codes and Medicare’s reimbursement schedule for CPAP equipment.

HCPC Billing Codes
  • E0470: Bi-level PAP machine without backup rate
  • E0471: Bi-level PAP with backup rate
  • E0601: CPAP device
  • E0561: Non-heated humidifier used with PAP device
  • E0562: Heated humidifier used with PAP device
  • E1399: Miscellaneous durable medical equipment
  • A7030: Full-face mask used with PAP device, each
  • A7033: Replacement pillows for use on nasal cannula type interface, pair
  • A7034: Nasal interface, mask or cannula type, with or without head strap
  • A7035: Head strap used with PAP device
  • A7036: Chinstrap used with PAP device
  • A7037: Tubing used with PAP device
  • A7038: Disposable filter used with PAP device
  • A7039: Non-disposable filter used with PAP device
  • A7044: Oral interface used with PAP device, each
  • A7046: Replacement water chamber used with humidifier for PAP device, each
Medicare’s Reimbursement Schedule (code descriptions above)
  • A7030: 1 per 3 months
  • A7033: 2 per 1 month
  • A7034: 1 per 3 months
  • A7035: 1 per 6 months
  • A7036: 1 per 6 months
  • A7037: 1 per 3 months
  • A7038: 2 per 1 month
  • A7039: 1 per 6 months
  • A7044: 1 per 3 months
  • A7046: 1 per 6 months