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Respiratory Masks

Sleepnet’s respiratory masks feature our patented AIR°gel® cushions maximizing patient comfort in an acute care setting. Improve the quality of your treatment by giving your patients a mask made to fit the unique contours of their face.

Full Face Masks

Veraseal® 2 Disposable Full Face Mask

The Veraseal® 2 disposable mask brings AIR°gel® technology to the acute care environment for a giant step forward in patient comfort. Three color coded elbow designs make choosing the right mask for CPAP, single, or dual limb circuit NIV systems simple. The Veraseal® 2 fits quickly and easily while enhancing patient comfort. 

Mojo® Full Face Non-Vented Mask

Feel the difference of a full-face ventilation mask with AIR°gel®. In addition to the softest gel on the market, experience our exclusive Custom Fit Technology™, which shapes the mask to fit individual facial contours ; all with a simple push of a finger by the clinician or the user. Our lightweight breathable headgear has four points of adjustment and is easily disconnected by magnetic clips. Your patients deserve the utmost in comfort during their therapy. Your patients deserve the Mojo® with AIR°gel®

Nasal Masks

Innova® Nasal Non-Vented Mask

Keep your seal all night long with our Active Headgear Connector™, which moves when you move to prevent leaks. Our Advanced Cushion Technology (A.C.T.)™ with AIR°gel® creates a luxurious, ergonomic cushion that reduces pressure on your face.

iQ® Blue Non-Vented Nasal Mask

Introducing the next generation in AIR°gel®. Our iQ® Blue Nasal Non-Vented masks feature our patented AIR°gel® with a flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology™. Together, they provide an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Unlike masks with rigid shells, iQ® Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face.

Pediatric Masks

MiniMe® Nasal Pediatric Non-Vented Mask

Provide big care for your smallest patients with the comfort of a customizable pediatric mask. The MiniMe® Ventilation mask was designed for children. With their patented AIR°gel® cushion gently protecting tender skin for maximum comfort alongside non-invasive ventilation, Sleepnet masks are the softest on the market. The Custom Fit Technology™ consists of a soft, flexible shell that can easily be molded to comfortably fit each child’s unique face. Offer your pediatric patients the comfort they deserve. 

MiniMe® 2 Nasal Pediatric Non-Vented Mask

Designed specifically for children, the MiniMe® 2 is available in two sizes for a greater range of comfort for children between ages 2 and 12. Enhanced Custom Fit Technology™enables the mask to be easily molded to a child’s face, maximizing comfort. The MiniMe® 2 also features Advanced Cushion Technology™ (A.C.T.), Sleepnet’s new ergonomic cushion technology delivers an effective seal yet minimizes pressure on small faces.