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With our patented Unique AIR°gel® having the closest gel to skin contact on the face, Sleepnet’s high-quality masks help maintain skin integrity and provide patients with the comfort they deserve. Moldable shells provide a greater range of fit – from pediatrics to geriatrics. Enjoy providing your patients with a safe, comfortable, and effective fit every time.

Spotlight Features

  • Unique gel-to-skin contact for maximum comfort
  • Soft, moldable shell for a semi-customizable fit
  • Proudly designed and assembled in the USA
  • High-quality materials and construction eliminate replacement parts
  • Breathable headgear for lightweight stability
  • MiniMe and MiniMe 2 Masks are FDA cleared for children ages 2-12
  • Both vented and non-vented masks available for all of your sleep and respiratory needs

New and Existing Corporate Customers

We appreciate your interest in Sleepnet products and look forward to serving your mask needs. For pricing information, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-742-3646 to speak to one of our friendly sales representatives.

Purchasing forms are available for download in PDF format.

To place an order, please send us a Purchase Order.
Call 1-800-742-3646 between 8AM and 5PM EST
Fax: (603) 758-6699


Most insurance companies will cover some or all of your Positive Airway Pressure equipment, although reimbursement amounts and replacement schedules may vary. Always check with your individual insurance provider prior to making a purchase for the most up-to-date information.

All Sleepnet masks qualify for insurance reimbursement. Please refer to the following list for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding (HCPC) billing codes and Medicare’s reimbursement schedule for CPAP equipment.

View all Insurance Billing Codes

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