Why Sleepnet?

//Why Sleepnet?
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Why Sleepnet?

You ask us, “Why Sleepnet?”
We ask you, “Why compromise?”

Sleepnet is a small company with big values. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products and offering outstanding customer service without compromising manufacturing or business practices.

It’s all about the people.

At Sleepnet we build long-lasting customer relationships. We believe exceptional service and superior products are the rule; our commitment to improving lives is rooted in that belief.

Choose affordable quality.

Every Sleepnet mask is of the highest quality materials and is proudly designed and assembled in Hampton, NH. AIR°gel® Masks are unique in the market: Unlike other gel masks, Sleepnet’s breakthrough and patented AIR°gel® combines a reliable seal with unsurpassed facial comfort and skin protection. Masks with AIR°gel® enhance user compliance with their sleep-disordered breathing therapy because they radically improve comfort.

Shape up your therapy.

The Sleepnet product line includes several CPAP and BiPAP masks that are constructed from a soft, pliable material that allows for re-shaping. No other mask provides a true semi-customizable fit. Let your mask do more of the adjusting so your face doesn’t have to.

Comfortable masks for faces big and small.

In addition to our adult product line, Sleepnet is proud to offer pediatric masks that hold true to our standards of comfort and excellence. From pediatrics to geriatrics, when you choose Sleepnet you are choosing a mask that offers a safe and comfortable fit designed for you.


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